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Skills and Interests


As a child I was exposed to 4 languages, answering what my first language is, is always a hard question for me because there isn’t one single language that I learnt first. I learnt Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil at the same time, and started learning English once I was in School. 
I didn’t have a particular interest in languages until I was nearly failing in French in school, and changed my approach to learning the language. After that, I also started Spanish, and German.

So far, learning languages is going great for me, I worked at the FIFA U17 World Cup as Team Niger’s Liaison Officer, get to enjoy entertainment in other languages, and made from around the world.

Economics and Politics

I started taking interest in Economics and Politics as I entered my teens.  I learnt about minimum wages, how a number European countries have large welfare states, and the big disagreements between eminent economists about different kinds of economies.  

I found it intriguing that experts of one subject can have such conflicting views, I started consuming economic content, and because of the connection of economics with politics, I also started getting into political literature. 

Because of that I am currently studying Economics and Politics through the distance learning programme of the University of London.


At around the age of 9 or 10, I got to know about Bill Gates. I wanted to be like him, and build a business that dominates my industry. As the years passed, I learnt about more entrepreneurs, some of whom have been role models.

Most of what I have learnt about business has been through books, and online courses.

I am currently working on an exports business, targeting the Spice, and Natural Products markets.


I started playing football in school, taking my interest further, I joined a football club in New Delhi during my school days. I played at the Helsinki Cup 2013, and in a few tournaments in Delhi.



Since childhood, I have spent the majority of my free hours in front of a screen. Naturally, I developed an interest for technology, and like to learn about developments in the field.
I have also tried my hand at coding. I learnt some HTML, CSS, JavaScript, R, Python, and SQL on the internet.

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