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I study economics and the social sciences and build projects around them to learn more and attempt to potentially make an impact.
In my blog, I write about Economics, Business, Philosophy, Technology, and Languages and Culture.
As a polyglot and avid language learner, I keep learning languages to connect with more people and gain a better understanding of different cultures and backgrounds.

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Basic Economics and Contentious Discourses: Introduction

Hi, welcome to my website, and welcome to my first series in Economics. I had…

Another Month of High Productivity; Underpinned by The Last One

For me personally, the last one was impressive. I am now doing another month…

A Month of High Productivity – Conclusion

After creating a schedule for a month of high productivity. I conclude by sharing my…

A Month of High Productivity – Days 14,15,16

Day 14, the birthday of one of my closest friends. As is the ritual, a…


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