Vikram Rudhraksh

Language learner, budding entrepreneur, Enthusiast of the social sciences

Welcome to my website. This is my personal blog, a portfolio of my projects, and my repository of ideas and thoughts that I publish online to share them with the world and to engage in discussion that can deepen my understanding of the world. 

I have a keen interest in economic and human development and I spend a considerable amount of time learning about that.  This interest of mine has led me towards literature in the fields of economics, philosophy, psychology, politics, etc.

At this moment, the website is under construction. I was not sure how to share my thoughts and now I have decided to start posting content and worry about what I should and should not have later. If there’s something you’re looking for, and can’t quite find it, I apologise for it. Please contact me in that case,  

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Language learning

Speaking Across Borders

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entrepreneurship and development

Sarva Vedam

Sarva Vedam is a long term project of mine. My family and I, and the people we know have benefited greatly by traditional medicine. There have even been cases where conventional doctors had given up on patients but traditional medicine worked for them. 

I believe there is a lot to be learnt from traditional medicine so I started a social business to sell, promote, and research traditional medicines and remedies.  

Along with that, I also intend to work on the socio-economic development of the people and the communities that are involved in this field. 


Unschooled MBA

There are several entrepreneurs who have been hugely successful without ever attending business school. I have friends who want to get an MBA and start a business but I feel business is not something one can learn by attending classes. I feel business is something one learns by doing. 

I am not discounting the value one can get from a business education, but I feel a lot can be learned without attending business school, especially in the age of the internet. So I started Unschooled MBA where I would post about my journey in business because I am doing business without getting a formal business education.