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I Write About The Social Sciences and What I Learn In My Projects

This is my personal blog, a portfolio of my projects, and my repository of ideas and thoughts that I publish online to share them with the world and to engage in discussion that can deepen my understanding of the world. 

I have a keen interest in economic and human development and I spend a considerable amount of time learning about that.  This interest of mine has led me towards literature in the fields of economics, philosophy, psychology, politics, etc.

Apart from that, I have also always wanted to be an entrepreneur. There are several industries that I am interested in, and I spent several years trying things out and figuring out how I can work in all of them, and still be a specialist in a field. I concluded that becoming a digital transformation specialsit would be a great way to achieve my goals and that is what I am training to become right now. 

Polyglot | Entrepreneur | Social Science Enthusiast

Vikram Rudhraksh

My Projects

Sarva Vedam

Social business promoting remedies based on ancient philosophies like Ayurveda, and Tibetan Medicine

Speaking Across Borders

My lanugage blog. I write about my language learning journey and share language tips. I also have free language courses on the website. 

North East Discovered

A long term project with an aim to spread awareness about Northeast India, and to promote it’s products in the rest of India. 

The website will have content about the history, culture and heritage, people, and life in the north east. 

Unschooled MBA

My business blog where I write about my business journey.

Basic Economics banner by Vikram Rudhraksh

Basic Economics and Contentious Discourses

A series where I teach basic economics and share my thoughts on contentious issues in the fields of economics and other social sciences

Basic Economics banner by Vikram Rudhraksh