A Month of High Productivity – Day 4

Day 4 wasn’t that productive of course, it’s Sunday and I decided to take Sundays off. Early in the day, I was at home and I really didn’t want to take an off. I had an itch inside me to start my next reading. That’s something new for me. I don’t think I have wanted to complete academic readings so much before. I like my subjects, but I think something has now made me like the even more.

I suspect, it was the realisation I had a few days ago that stuying economic development is going to be an important part of my life. I had been thinking more profoundly about what I want to do in life, and the past few months, especially the Corona Lockdown have been instrumental in helping me arrive at this decision.

That feeling faded away, as I left home to take care of some work. That changed my preoccupation and I was thinking only about the task at hand. The environment I was in, shaped my priorities. When I was at home, studies were my primary preoccupation and when I went to my mother’s salon, my primary preoccupation was figuring out how to get the business running. It’s making losses, and the pandemic has made things even worse. And then, when I drove back home, studies were on my mind again.

With each passing day, I realise how much I am a slave of my surroundings and circumstances. Having a schedule got me on track. I made progress on my goals because a schedule, an external force obligated me to do so. Although I myself made the schedule, the same individual, did not make significant progress without this tool. And I got used to studying at a particular spot. I have set my laptop up in the living room, and even though I have a more powerful desktop in the bedroom, with a larger, more comfortable screen, I find myself in the living-room every day. When I am in front of it, I feel like studying. Similarly when I was in the salon, my business mind was on. I was talking to employees, finding out problems, and figuring out ways to solve that problem.

It’s quite interesting, what happened today. I’m going to look more into this. This is certainly something I could manipulate to my advantage.

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