A Month of High Productivity – Days 11 & 12

Day 11 started well. It was a Sunday, so not much on the agenda except shooting a few videos. I also learnt some languages of course, that’s pretty much a constant in my daily life. Later in the day, I decided to record videos that I had planned to record. The recording went fine, but the audio-video synchronization process (because I recorded audio on a microphone) was a disaster.


I use Davinci Resolve to edit my videos, and while there is an autmatic audio-sync option, it just didn’t work. With manual synchronization, I would get it to work almost in the beginning but just after a few seconds the audio would be wayyy off and I have no idea why. I later found out it has something to do with the frame rates of the video, I still don’t know what the reason is exactly, but I got obsessed with this today. I didn’t do anything else, except help out a friend later in the day on Day 12.

I swore I wouldn’t go to sleep before solving this issue, I didn’t manage to solve it but I got a work-around. I started recording on my old camcorder instead. The quality isn’t as good as a DSLR, but I am satisfied with it, and the audio is also fine. Some basic noise-cancellation should be enough to take care of any issues. I will at least be able to get some sleep now.

Tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll follow my schedule either. I need to get a supplier of cold pressed coconut oil for my business Sarva Vedam, and I know my mind will not be looking forward to anything else but that. But before I go to sleep, I’ll do some Spanish and Arabic.

I am mentally weaker than I thought!


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