Here are some of the things I am working on

Speaking Across borders

I started a language blog, to share my experiences, language learning journey, and to let people know that learning languages does not have to be difficult.
I am currently, mostly posting about learning Arabic.

Sarva vedam

I started a business to learn marketing and branding. Although it is a for profit, I wish to use a significant portion of my profits to help the communities that produce the products that I am selling.   

100 to 100k challenge

I am not proud of my progress with this one. I wanted to prove that business does not need huge investment, I decided to turn 100 rupees (about $1.3) into 100 thousand rupees.
I am sitting at a profit so far, but I haven’t worked on this project. I intend to take this up again after my exams end.

unschooled mba

I wanted to prove that one does not need a formal business education to be successful in business. As I am someone who hasn’t gone to college to learn business, I thought I should document the journey so that people can see it for themselves