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Vikram Rudhraksh

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“Nada aqui.”



I am a 21 year old college student, trying his hand at entrepreneurship, and figuring out his way in life. I am studying Economics and Politics from a distance learning programme of the University of London.

I like learning languages, I speak 7 languages with varying degrees of proficiency and I am currently learning Arabic. I wish to learn all 6 official languages of the United Nations and I have a target of learning at least 20 languages in my lifetime. 
You can follow my language blog, Speaking Across Borders to know more.

I have a keen interest in economic development through entrepreneurship. I believe entrepreneurship can solve the world’s major problems. 

I am also interested in football. I used to play for a club as a teenager, and now I have gotten into coaching to learn more about developing the sport in my country.

The winter breeze is here with its frosty bite,
and so I come propose to you a cosy night,
beneath a comfy blanket and netflix, snluggles await,
along with good food and company there stands no debate
so what do you say to this idea that I had,
a cosy snuggly time can't be all that bad!

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