About Me

Vikram Rudhraksh

About Me

A 20 year old trying to figure his way out in life


From a very young age I have wanted to be a businessman. I have been using computers since I was three years old (if I remember correctly), and I wanted to be like Bill Gates. I wanted to be the richest man in the world. That changed however, as I grew older and tasted more things in life, but I still want to be an entrepreneur.

Although I want to make a living through business(es), I had zero experience in business until I started Sarva Vedam. I spent the past few years learning a lot of things online. In the field of business,  I read books, I took online courses, watched videos, and did a lot of things that would prepare me to start a business, but I never executed.  There was always something to learn, and there always will be. It was like a bottomless pit. I have finally come out of it, and started a business. 

I am documenting my business journey on Unschooled MBA, a blog I started anout entrepreneurship where I intend to dispell some myths about doing business.


I was raised multi-lingual. I started my first foreign language (not counting English), French, at the age of 9.  Although things looked good in the beginning, I started struggling with the language after a couple of years of studying it in school.  My grades started plummeting, and continued to do so until I changed the way I learnt French. I wondered why a language, which had so many words in common with English, was causing so much trouble while I already spoke 4 languages.
I realised that the way I learnt the other languages was quite different from how I was learning French. When I emulated learning French by creating a similar environment, I breezed through my classes.

Eventually, I started learning more languages, and now I speak 7 languages with varying levels of proficiency.

I have now started a language blog, Speaking Across Borders documenting my journey as I learn languages and share tips about learning languages.


I started playing football in school.  I wasn’t as good as my classmates so I was made to play in goal. I have remained a goalkeeper ever since. I joined an academy a few years later, played an international tournament (Helsinki Cup 2013), and  then stopped playing due to my studies. 

I was later involved in the FIFA U17 World Cup 2017 as a Team Liaison Officer for Niger. 

I now intend to restart playing, and set up an academy to develop India’s latent footballing talent.

But before I do that, I need to know more about football. I decided to become a coach. I have acquired my Grassroots license, and coached at Baichung Bhutia Football Schools for a month. 

I will continue learning more about football as I set up an academy.


I am enrolled as a student of Economics and Politics at the University of London in a distance learning programme. 

I also studied German at the University of Delhi but decided to drop out because I couldn’t commit time, and I found the course slow for my liking.


I am a hobby photographer. I like clicking photographs in my free time