Another Month of High Productivity; Underpinned by The Last One

For me personally, the last one was impressive. I am now doing another month of high productivity. I first listed out all the things I wanted to accomplish before setting targets. I had a lot of promises left unfulfilled, there used to be a time when if I had committed something to someone by an end date, I would do that. But this year, with all the things I had going on, I would not only not do things on time, worse, I would forget I made promises in the first place. I even started noting some things down because I became so forgetful.


So keeping my word is one of my top priorities for this week. I should be done with all of them in a week, so I’ll probably be making changes to my schedule next week.

Then I have a course which I have to complete. I plan to complete it by the end of this month and be done with it. There are also subscriptions I have paid for, which I have to make use of. DataCamp is one such subscription I intend to make use of. There are also language subscriptions which I will be spending time on.

I’ll spend three hours on my business every day. That’s not a lot, and it’s a lot less than what I intend to spend on it. But for now, I’ll prioritise on getting bigger obligations away. Next week onwards, the business will see more of me. I’ll be spending the same amount of time on my courses, and on keeping my promises.

This is the schedule I came up with:

I’m doing the same damn thing every day. The schedule is rather redundant with activities earmarked for every single day of the working week. But I’m not wasting more time trying to fix it now.

During my breaks, I will try meditating. It has helped me in the past, so I have hopes that it will help curb obsessions this time.

I have a good feeling about this. I say that too often I think, but for this one at least, I have experience to back it up. Time to get cracking.


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