A Month of High Productivity – Day 13

Crappy day today. Sleeping late last night cost me. I felt tired in the morning, didn’t really get anything done. Slept for an hour at noon, and then started working on my business. Didn’t get the result I wanted, I will probably have to compromise and go for a quantity of 30 litres of coconut oil instead of the 100 that I wanted.

Later in the day, I started working on a blog post that I had been wanting to write, and then helped out a friend who wanted help with something.

That is pretty much all I did today


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The winter breeze is here with its frosty bite,
and so I come propose to you a cosy night,
beneath a comfy blanket and netflix, snluggles await,
along with good food and company there stands no debate
so what do you say to this idea that I had,
a cosy snuggly time can't be all that bad!

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