A Month of High Productivity – Day 6

I slept late last night because I was preparing food for the week. I didn’t set my early alarm, and let myself wake up naturally, I woke up arund 7:45. Skipped my morning workout and went straight into language learning. I completed my workouts later in the day.

The day was ordinary, I did slack off today but completed my readings. I was studying Economic History today, and fortunately it was much more interesting than yesterday’s study session.

I’m sleeping late again today because I spent too much time replying to messages social media. Need to get back to schedule tomorrow.

While writing this, I just remembered that I have to write an appreciation post for Thomas Sowell. It’s his birthday today, and he’s one of my favourite economists. Looks like it’s going to be another late night for me.

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The winter breeze is here with its frosty bite,
and so I come propose to you a cosy night,
beneath a comfy blanket and netflix, snluggles await,
along with good food and company there stands no debate
so what do you say to this idea that I had,
a cosy snuggly time can't be all that bad!

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